Raffia Hat Multicolor

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DESCRIPTION: The perfect hat to protect you from the unforgiving sun. Made in Madagascar by artisans that work with raffia, a natural fiber created out of giant leaves from a Palm tree that grows primarily in this Island. The hats are made with two layers, that is why they can sometimes have two colors (one on the inside and another on the outside). Great features are a sweat band on the inside that makes the hat adjustable to your head size and a hidden pocket in the heat form, where you can take cash or your credit card without the need of bringing a bag. Finally this hat is an awesome traveler, you can put it in your bag, either rolled or crushed under clothes and it will not loose its shapes. 

MATERIAL CARE: 100% Madagascar Raffia Fiber. All dyes are natural which makes them better suited to withstand sun fading. If the hat ever looses it shape, you can submerge it in a bucket full of water and then reshape It with your hands and let it dry in the shade. 

SIZE: 7 inches brim. The hats come in different sizes, Small, Medium, Large and extra large. The best way to measure your head size is by putting the measuring tape around your head but over your ears. Generally a SMALL size is 21 inches ( 53 centimeters) or smaller. A MEDIUM size is 22.5 to 23 inches ( 57 centimeters to 58.5 centimeters. A LARGE size is 24 inches ( 60 centimeters or more)