Iris Sari Necklace

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DESCRIPTION: this necklace is the result of a wish to bring a present to famous Iris Apfel after she ordered some custom indigo shoes from SuzaniDesigns. I called the ladies in India to brain storm with me and come up with a new version of the repurposed sari strands. I thought that different size beads would be totally “ Iris” and VOILA!! She was pleased! 
Wooden seeds also called “ prayer beads” wrapped in silk from repurposed second hand Saris. The saris are cut in long stripes and then sawn into a long tube. Each “tube” is filled with the beads and finally is hand finished with a coiled bright cotton thread. It has two ties on the sides and it can be tied at whichever height you want.

MEASUREMENTS: The total length of beaded area is approximately 13”( 33 cm) at the shortest strand and 25” (63 cm) at the longest. Including the straps length is about 51” (130 cm) The width of the necklace at the center point is 5”( 13 cm) and the drop from the neck to the necklace is 4” (11 cm) The total necklace’s weight is 0.3 pounds