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DESCRIPTON: Cicims are flat weaves produced in Central Asia and also in Anatolia Turkey. The idea is to embroider a kilim, a textile that was already created in the loom and were the design is not necessarily incorporated ( it may have stripes of colors, but it will not have flowers, or geometric designs. I really appreciate cicims, due to their natural rustic quality perfect for a relaxed ambience. Cicim “Diagonal”: In this piece the composition is created by disposing diagonal lines of the same design repeated over and over. What I like about it is that design is done in many colors that complement each other over a background that is light and warm. It has even a purple sequence that does not interrupt the quiet flow of the pattern. Once again highly developed scheme that because of the subdue shades used complements well any decoration with modern or more traditional furniture. It's age is around 70/80 years old

MEASUREMENTS:  7'4.5″ X 5'10″