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My Work With Textiles

I should point out that I love working with textiles because the sumptuous look of textures and hanging colors got me smitten many years ago and the spell has not worn out. I sell carpets, and I always have some in stock to show, but more than that I enjoy when I am commissioned to find a carpet for someone’s living room or for a designer who is putting a project together in NYC or elsewhere. Luckily, for the last three years these commissions have been growing steadily so I can be entertained for a while!

How do I do this? Well, first I send the specifications of measurements and carpets and flat weaves’s denominations that I believe would work for the room. Many times I visit the room myself and measure with the clients. On other occasions I just rely on good pictures and floor plans. Then I travel to Turkey armed with a budget given by the customer and a huge desire to find the perfect piece! This is not always possible and that is why I do not pick the carpet myself. What I do is select a few carpets that may work and then send the pictures while I am still there. Once the client provides a shortlist of the carpets that might work, I provide even more pictures of them (sometimes inside and outside of the shop, so that they can appreciate the piece with natural and artificial light, the shops usually have such a bright light that distorts colors). This way there are not doubts about the colors. Finally I negotiate and the chosen carpet is at the door step of my customer three days later. I understand that for some people it is difficult to trust someone wtih such a personal choice, but I am confident in my search, because I know that I will not be living day by day with the carpet, so I aspire that my client falls in love with it.  There is no point in convincing someone to get something that would not fulfill their desires, after a few months they would not like it anymore.

If you are interested in such a commission please contact us and we will be happy to serve you. I lived in Turkey for more than four years and I work with an extensive network of highly qualified suppliers that I know well.