About us

The seed for Suzani Designs was planted while living in Istanbul, Turkey. There, the immense variety of textiles, intense colors and profusion of patterns awoken a deep curiosity for understanding the stories that each piece told. The business was born back in the US, where, at the beginning, it was as an avenue to bring the authenticity and uniqueness displayed in a few products. Little by little, that was not enough.

Meeting the artisans was absolutely essential and it opened a new educational dimension that brought life to this tiny enterprise. Each artisanal technique tells a long story of developing and creating, furthering the notion of inspiration and harmony with the surrounding environment of each artisan. There is a deep respect for this cultural narrative and a gratitude for being able to participate in many creative processes that bring something new to light while creating looks for generations that generously share with us the writings of the communal soul.

The process is not finished. As we discover new places in this vastly creative planet, we will develop new ideas that are endowed with deep and unique beauty, while respecting and encouraging the tradition and financial commitment to each of our artisans. Thanks for making this journey with us!