Alpaca Asymmetrical Macramé Poncho

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DESCRIPTION: Weaved in 100% organic baby Alpaca wool in Bolivia by an indigenous Aymara community there. These people have been doing this kind of textiles since the pre Hispanic times. The design belongs to Suzani Designs. The idea is to have a garment that is easy and comfortable to wear, warm but light, and whose simple lines combines with many outfits. It is born from the simple gesture of folding a wide scarf in two. As a result there is only one seam that runs from the shoulder down on one side, on the opposite shoulder is the folding line of the textile that runs along the arm. It has an asymmetric shape,  creating movement, a quality that adds to its attraction. The texture is extremely soft to the touch. On each hanging edge it has a hand made macramé section that is the trade mark of each artisan that worked in each individual piece, followed by fringes, hand turned one by one, finishing in a little but expressive knot.

MEASUREMENTS: If you put the poncho like a rectangle with the opening for the head on the upper side it measures 30″ (76 centimeters) on the longer sides ( including the fringes) 28″ (71 centimeters) in the longer side and 24″ (61 centimeters) in the side that has the recess for the head.

CARE: hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water is a possibility and then let dry flat (do not use the dryer please) Dry clean is recommended.